A Rare Encounter with Exceptional Precious Woods


In the world of aromatherapy, there is a category of essential oils that are harvested from woods which bear oils. These woods include the famous Agarwood, the Indian Mysore Sandalwood as well as the Brazilian Rosewood.


The woods are harvested from trees that take at least more than 15 years to some at least more than 50 years to mature before they can be harvested. Due to the slow growing rate and the exploitation of these trees in the past years, a lot of them are currently classified as “Vulnerable” or “Threatened” under the Conservation Status.


The essential oils from these woods have longed been sought after by both the aromatherapy industry and the perfumery industry and with the uncertainty of the availability of the raw materials, some of these essential oils are now hard to come by.


To complete the whole experience, we have also arrange a showcase of some rare wood artefacts such as the Red Sandalwood (紫檀木), Nanmu (金丝楠木)and bonsai* in the boutique for your appreciation in addition to the precious essential oils of Agarwood, Indian Mysore Sandalwood and Brazilian Rosewood.


For more information of these essential oils, please click here.


*Please note that due to the nature of the bonsai, they will only be in the boutique for a one-day only showcase. Do follow us on our Facebook page to keep updated on the date.



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